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Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits for End Users

Taken from the owner, Gain Quit

GEZİMEZİ.COM, hotel prices and occupancy and direct sales is a platform where they can publish them. In this way, find the best prices and deals where you can buy with confidence from the owner directly.

Flights from, transfer Up Service, All My Holiday Organization 's you can. I provides all travel services to help you make your holiday plans together easily. The transfer can take hours to your flight, day trips in the area you can check out my did stay again.

Rate of use for end users

I accumulates points for each reservation made through the accumulated points can earn gift of your flights, you can take the shuttle service, you can stay or car rental reservations.

For hotels | Frequently Asked Questions


Can I define custom criteria / requirements to the hotel I was looking for? Yup. Area, entry and exit dates, number of people and so on. You can enter any other information you want to filter. From the list, the criteria will include giving appropriate hotels. Here the number of stars the hotel, you can find the necessary information such as room types and rates.

How do I find available hotels only?

After you enter the information for the selection list will contain only available from hotels.

Can I make a reservation by phone or via e-mail?

Yes, you can get help by calling our Live Support hotline during working hours. If you make your reservation via e-mail to Customer Service will contact you within one business day of receipt of your request for our customers.

Can I book a hotel for day use?

No, made reservations with at least one (1) night accommodation must contain.

Can I make a group reservation?

You can book a maximum of 5 rooms. For groups of more than 5 rooms, you will need to transfer to your request via e-mail to Customer Service.

Extra beds / baby we can add beds?

In most cases, an extra bed can be added. But in certain cases this may vary according to each hotel's sales policy, may be subject to additional charges.

Can I make special requests to the hotel?

Live call our hotline if you have any special requirements. The adoption of private demand, the hotel has its own conditions.

Do I have to provide any documents during check-in?

Confirmation voucher in the e-mail, you will need your passport or identity card. In some cases, the hotel may charge your credit card information for any additional services provided during the period of stay.

Payment & Privacy

Do I have to give my credit card information when booking?

Yes, there are guaranteeing reservations and information required for the implementation of the card cancellation fees if you logged in to the hotel. If the necessary amount can not be withdrawn by the hotel including information that you provide will not be possible if you can guarantee your reservation. Your credit card information is not stored in any way system.

I have to pay any fees charged by the hotel said outside?

No, no additional fees will be taken from your card. I payments of bookings made directly through the hotel. The hotel can receive a cancellation fee for your card to guarantee your reservation as earned.

Is it necessary to make a deposit or prepayment?

No, your payment will take place after logging in to the hotel. The hotel is unable to check the validity of your card and the card is appropriate, has the right to cancel the reservation.

Can I pay a different card from the card I gave the information during the booking?

Hotels often they allow it.

Can I choose the currency I want to pay?

Yes, you can pay in foreign currency you want to

Can I make a reservation with a credit card from a different vehicle?

No, finalization of the reservation is completed upon receipt of authorization by credit card.

How and when do I pay my reservation?

Reservations can only be made using a credit card payment. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as major credit cards are accepted.

Where do I pay?

Make payment when booking a hotel or pay options will be presented with a virtual POS. Travel Meza directly with the hotel or virtual POS based on your selection, you have made the payment through.

What do I give up my credit card information safe? Sufficient information security for your site?

All the information you enter through our site, secure transmission protocols (https), the world's most secure encryption technology (Secure Socket Layer, SSL) communicated with us. Our servers are equipped with the latest technology and is protected with the highest security standards, located in the Microsoft Azure and Amazon's servers and works.

Approval (to be confirmed)

How do I get the booking confirmation?

The reservation process is complete, a confirmation page will appear. On this page you will also find details of your reservation booking number. You will receive a confirmation e-mail containing the details of your reservation within a few minutes.

I get the booking confirmation email. What should I do?

You may have mistyped your e-mail address or e-mail may have fallen to the approval of spam. In both cases, please contact one of us is not.

How do I receive the voucher or travel certificate to the hotel?

Your reservation is complete you will receive a reservation confirmation e-mail containing all the necessary details. Email is located next to the hotel voucher.

Changes and Cancellations

How can I change my hotel reservation?

Yes, rebooking is made according to the rules set by each hotel for themselves. Our reservation on this information page "Terms and Conditions" link can be found than that. With our site you can forward your request to published contact information changes by contacting the hotel directly.

Can I cancel my hotel reservation?

Yes, your profile page "My Bookings" section, you can perform the process of selecting cancel the reservation related. Cancellations must be made according to the rules set by each hotel for themselves. Our booking page with this information "Cancellation Policy" link can be found than that. You can send contact information published in our site with your cancellation request by contacting the hotel directly.

Can I pay for cancellation? does not charge for cancellation. But the hotel "Cancellation Policy" in accordance with the rules that explain a certain amount of fee may be charged.

How long the repayment takes place after cancellation?

Hotel published "Cancellation Policy" according to the back within the specified period from the date of payment cancellation occurs.

How do I know whether or cancel the reservation?

You will receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation as soon as you make the cancellation. If you do not receive the email we recommend that you access information on the Live Support.

What is non-refundable payment?

Each of the hotel applies special discounts prices were campaigns in certain periods or situations. Usually short-term applied to payments made under the campaign will be non-refundable. Non-refundable payment requirement, takes place at ambient conditions or campaign announcement.


Are taxes the price I see on the list?

The prices shown are including taxes. Nevertheless, some cities are added to the price shown special city taxes.

Mother / Father does next will be charged for children?

According to the charges reduced prices for children as it can be applied to determine the policy of each hotel.

Is The prices shown are per room, price per person is it?

In general, the hotel charges the room rate. Different or special conditions are specified.


How do I get to the hotel from the airport and shuttle service from the hotel to the airport?

I from home "Transfer" service or going to the airport that you want by selecting from the options listed, you may receive the return transfer. Surcharge for this service.

Is breakfast included in the price?

Selection is made by the hotel and room type are given the information that is included in the price of the breakfast.

The hotel's Wi-Fi, parking, sauna, etc. How do I know whether the properties?

It is about to find out if the hotel has such features on the page of the hotel reservation, hotel properties, or you can learn from a live support. feature directly from (Wi-Fi, Parking, Sauna, etc.) to call the hotel from the list of options under the properties of the selected hotel wants to filtering area desired properties can be selected by selecting the appropriate hotel.

How do I know that the hotel does not accept pets?

Depending on the hotel's pet policy on this issue it is or is not acceptable. Our reservation page "Terms and Conditions" Refer to the section.

"Twin" What is the difference between the room and a double room?

Twin room with two single beds, while a double room with a double bed.

For aircraft | Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a flight reservation? my home screen "Plane" is selected. From booking the screen, out of place - destination, departure (return if any) date, after entering the passenger information units, the flights will be listed as appropriate. After you have selected your preferred flight profiles will need to enter your payment information by credit card through the section.

How can I book at the latest before?

Latest booking time varies depending on the last day and time allowed by the selected airline. In general, it can be booked on flights that are listed by written information. However, the airline should be consulted for precise information.

I reserve aircraft but did not receive the confirmation e-mail. What should I do?

Ignoring the confirmation e-mail is most likely due to 2 reasons: You mistyped your email address when booking or confirmation e-mail may have fallen into some junk or spam. The confirmation e-mail "Inbox" you can not find your box, first check the e-mail address you wrote is true, see the section junk or spam. Here you can also contact us if you do not.

Information on the reservation confirmation e-mail content Wrong / was different. What should I do?

Please contact us in case of incorrect content. Changes according to the selected flight campaign implemented by tariffs or may not be possible in all cases and / or may be additional charges for the change process.

Can I make a reservation via telephone or e-mail?

Yes, but do not forget that with the simple payment of credit card payments over the internet.


How do I pay the ticket price?

Ticket price is payable by credit card only. Visa, Mastercard, you can pay with commonly used credit cards as American Express.

When will my credit card?

Ticket booking information is completed and the cost of the required credit card information will be collected after fully entered.

Is it your credit card information safe? Sufficient information security for your site?

All the information you enter through our site, secure transmission protocols (https), the world's most secure encryption technology (Secure Socket Layer, SSL) communicated with us. Our servers are equipped with the latest technology and is protected with the highest security standards, located in the Microsoft Azure and Amazon's servers and works.


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