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About Us

About US


Until the date we have established, our company is focused on the logic to respond our customers' needs with a wide range.


with a top identity, and qualified team of GM Center, in our multilingual, multi-cultural and multi-talented structure, we are bringing solutions to all demands of our customers from very different sectors.


within the companies hosted in our structure, we work succesfully more than 10 years in different expertise fields, from travel agency to hotel management advisory, from agency service to publishing and to organisation services.


 Our companies vs work fields can be described as below :




in the commercial identity of Saymer Tourism Travel Transportation Organisation Advertising Domestic and Foreign Trade Ltd. Company,


GMOOD TRAVEL in travel and holiday areas

 in the commercial identity of Soymer Tourism Communication Publishing Organisation Broadcast Education Counseling  Domestic and Foreign Trade Ltd. Company,


GMEDİA in agency service areas,

with GM Tourism and Management magazine in publishing and broadcasting and with GM HOTELS in hotel management counsulting 



GMOOD TRAVEL as a Group A travel agency, is a member of Turkey Travel Agencies Assembly under the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkish Republic with a registry number 7475 


 main purpose with a 25-year-experienced management staff and expert team; is to give the holiday in our dear customers' dreams with the most economic prices

we are on service in for your needs as business travels as well as personel needs with the demand and satisfaction of our corporate guests in private sector and in goverment, which is the evidence of our service quality and reliability ,through the way we started with 25 years of experience and good reputation.

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